Student Complaint Process

Students wanting to register a formal complaint or grievance with the intent to achieve resolution in an expeditiously fair and amicable manner should consult the Warner University Student Handbook. This handbook provides an overview and guidance on following the appropriate procedures as they relate to academic issues or other concerns. Students can also utilize a form for reporting concerns, found at help.warner.edu. Complaints submitted via this form are directed to a central entity appointed by the president of the university. They are then passed along to the vice president presiding over the area most closely related to the complaint. The appropriate vice president investigates each complaint and then notifies the original receiving entity about how the matter was addressed. Students are urged to exhaust all possible internal avenues for resolution before filing a complaint with an external agency.

In the event resolution cannot be achieved through a process within Warner, students may explore registering a complaint or grievance with a state authority.

The ombudsman serves as the state’s primary point of contact for addressing questions and concerns from private school officials and program offices:

Office of Articulation
Department of Education

If the Ombudsman is unable to assist you, contact the Office of Articulation within the Department of Education.

Unresolved complaints or grievances may also be formally registered with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, the regional accrediting agency for Warner.