Residential Life FAQ

Residential Contract

The Residential Contract is the terms and conditions of your campus housing. It is important that you read the document in its entirety as you will be held accountable for all the information contained in it. All students applying for campus housing agree to the Residential Contract when submitting a Housing Survey.  For reference the Residential Contract can be found here or in the Student Handbook.

Room Assignment

Once students have registered for classes and completed their housing survey they will then be placed in a residence hall. Specific room assignments are given once Royal Clearance is achieved. The Residence Life team will do their best to accommodate students’ preferences, but it isn’t guaranteed. Questions about room assignments or roommates can be directed to studenthousing@warner.edu.

Royal Clearance

In order to move on campus, students will need to have completed all financial requirements, set up a payment plan and make their first payment. New students will need to have submitted the required state-mandated immunizations through www.medproctor.com and their final transcripts. Once completing all of these requirements, students have achieved Royal Clearance and are welcome to come to campus on their assigned move-in date.

Dorm Room Needs

What to Bring

There is not an exact answer because it depends on what you personally will want or need, but here are some suggestions:

X-Long Twin-size bedspread (Full or Full XL-size bedspread for Holland Hall Residents)

X-Long Twin-size mattress pad and bed-liners and sheets (Full or Full XL-size for Holland Hall Residents)

Shower curtain

Desk lamp

Clothes hamper

Towels and washcloths



Laptop Computer

Laundry Detergent

Cleaning supplies for bathroom, kitchen and common spaces. Students are responsible for cleaning their own living spaces.

What We Provide

We’ll provide the basics: bed, dresser, desk, and a chair for the desk.

Decorating Your Room

Only sticky tack and 3M hooks can be used to hang items in the dorms. As a reminder, Warner is a Christian community. Anything that is inconsistent with the University’s standards are not allowed. If you’re in doubt, check with your RD before putting something up. Candles are NOT allowed in any Residence Hall.


Here’s what you can have in your Residence Hall rooms: microwave, coffee pots, fans, hairdryers, non-halogen lamps, stereos, popcorn poppers, radios, TVs and blenders.  You can bring your own mini refrigerator (one per room), as long as it meets these guidelines:

Amperage: 1.5 or less

Size: 30 inches tall by 18 inches wide (or less)

If you live in Holland Hall or the House Dorms (excluding Virginia House) where there is a kitchen you may bring electric frying pans or skillets, toaster ovens, toasters, burners, woks, crock pots, air fryers, and George Foreman Grills.

If you live in Spencer Hall, Fulton Hall, Raines Hall or Williams Hall with no kitchen these items are not allowed.


Laundry facilities are free to use on campus except for the House Dorms. In the House Dorms washers and dryers cost two dollars per load. The laundry for the House Dorms is located behind Pennsylvania House. Each Residence Hall has a laundry room with washers and dryers, but the halls are not stocked with an iron or ironing board.

Meal Plan

We want to make sure you’re taken care of. Everyone living in a dorm must have a meal plan.

Freshman: Must have the 19 Gold Meal Plan for the entire year.

Sophomores through Seniors and Transfer students: May choose between the 19 (Gold) or 14 (Silver) Meal Plan.

Residents of Holland may choose among the 7, 14, or 19 Meal Plans.

Commuters are welcome to have any of the meal plan options if they choose to.

Alcohol, Drug, & Tobacco

Warner University is an alcohol, drug, and tobacco-free institution, please reference our Community Commitments and the Student Handbook for more information on our policies and procedures. During the semester, random drug tests may be conducted. Students need to be able to pass a drug test upon arrival to campus each semester.

Holiday Breaks

The Residence Halls close during winter and summer breaks. Students will have to be out of their rooms by a designated date and time. During Thanksgiving and Spring Break the Residence Halls remain open but the dining hall and student union are closed. Students staying on campus will have to make alternate meal arrangements.


The only pets allowed in the Residence Halls are fish. Any other type of pet is not allowed unless cleared with the Office of Disability Services as an emotional support or service animal. Emotional Support and Service Animal accommodations must be applied for on an annual basis.

For information on emotional support and service animal accommodations, please contact Disability Services at disabilityservices@warner.edu or refer to the policy on Emotional Support and Service Animals.


For any questions regarding Warner University’s Residence Halls, please call or email the Office of Student Life.

Student Life: (863) 638-7246


For any emergencies, contact Campus Security

Campus Security: (863) 638-7232

Shipping Address

Any boxes or packages sent to campus need to be sent to this address:

Name of Student
Warner University
13895 Hwy 27
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Vehicles on Campus

If you’re driving a car, make sure you register it with the Campus Safety & Security Office by the first day of classes. You can register your vehicle here. You will receive a parking pass to be placed in your car at all times.