The Royal Fund

Scholarships are vitally important to the educational success of college students today. This scenario is the same for the majority of Warner University students. Since more than 99% of WU students receive some form of financial aid from the University, scholarship funding is key to offering a high-quality, Christian education. Consider investing in our students through a gift to Warner’s Royal Fund for Excellence. Annually, Warner University gives back over $7.1MM in institutional scholarships for students in need. On average, this reduces the tuition burden for students by around 32%, allowing more students to choose a Christ-centered education.

Warner is currently in a campaign to match a $2.5 million donation towards scholarships. 

Help us reach this goal for the future of WU students!

Apples of Gold

Warner University’s 5th Annual “Apples of Gold” event to raise funds for scholarships for young ladies was held Dec. 2, 2021 at the home of George & Erica O’Neill.  The need for scholarships is real now more than ever! Click here to help a student with tuition.

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Through the establishment of endowed scholarships, Warner University is able to provide student financial support for academic award and financial need. An endowed scholarship can be established through an initial donation of $20,000. (You can begin giving at any amount, and as you continue to give, it continues to grow. When the scholarship reaches $20,000, it officially qualifies as a named endowment).