Warner University offers on-campus programs which provide quality instruction from a Christian perspective. You will learn from experienced professors and be prepared to model competence and Christian character in the workplace. We will prepare you for what’s next in life—a new career, a new promotion, or a new mission.

Agricultural Studies

Students will get their hands dirty with Warner’s hands-on approach to Agricultural Studies. Our project-based courses give students marketable experience through internships, field trips, mentorships, capstone projects, and guest lectures led by industry leaders. Innovative courses in specialty crops, animal science, soils, plant science, conservation, sustainability, global agriculture, and agribusiness will prepare graduates to enter the agricultural industry as knowledgeable and trained professionals. While most degrees introduce core classes later in the program, Agricultural Studies majors will dive right into practical learning in agriculture during the freshman and sophomore years. Students earning a B.S. in Agricultural Studies are encouraged to pursue complementary minors in biology, business, chemistry, communication, media writing, pre-law, or social work. Students who finish an Agricultural Studies major will be prepared to tackle a wide variety of careers in the agricultural sector.

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Behavioral Sciences



Social Work

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Business Administration

Business Administration with concentration in…

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

Hospitality & Event Management

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Communication Arts


English & Writing

Sport Communication

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Criminal Justice

Through the Criminal Justice program, students will have an opportunity to prepare for work in careers of service to the public, state, and even national constituencies upon graduation. Graduates are qualified to serve in law enforcement at city, county, state, and federal law enforcement levels. If a student is interested in becoming a correctional officer, a lawyer, or a rehabilitation specialist, a criminal justice major will lay a solid foundation for such careers.

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Exercise & Sport Studies

Exercise and Sport Studies

Exercise and Sport Leadership

Physical Education:  Grades K – 12

Sport Management

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General Studies

The General Studies major is ideal for a student with many interests. Instead of choosing a major in one area, a student majoring in General Studies chooses three areas of interest. General Studies students may even build a self-directed component based on courses related to one another but not necessarily joined under one discipline. This major is also a great choice for a student who is transferring in 18 credit hours in one discipline if 12 of those hours are upper-division courses. Transfer students in this circumstance would only need to complete two additional components to earn a major in General Studies.

American Studies Component

Business Component

Education Foundations Component

Sports Studies Component

Behavioral Studies Component

Music Component

Humanities Component

Christian Discipleship Component

Self-Directed Component

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Biblical Studies

Church Ministry

Interdisciplinary Ministry

Music Ministry

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Music Education

Music Ministry

Music Performance

Natural Sciences
Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education offers a quality, professional teacher preparation program. Majors have the opportunity to prepare for ministry to children, youth, families, and communities through the profession of teaching. The programs offered through the Department are approved by the Florida Department of Education to prepare qualified majors for certification as teachers.

Elementary Education:  Grades K – 6

Secondary Education:  English Education:  Grades 6 – 12

Exceptional Student Education: Grades K – 12

Middle School Science:  Grades 5 – 9

Music Education:  Grades K – 12

Secondary Education:  Social Sciences:  Grades 6 – 12

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Biblical Studies


Business Administration


Church Ministry (for non-ministry majors)



Education Exceptional Student Education


Exercise Science




Media Writing




Social Work

Sport Management

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