How Can I Request a Letter Showing I Am Enrolled?
A Certification Letter certifies enrollment status (full-time, half-time, less than half-time), along with giving the start and end dates of each semester enrolled and your major. You may request certification letters from the Registrar’s Office free of charge.
How Do I Receive My Grades?
Grades are recorded by faculty and available on ROAR (Royals Online Access and Registration). Log in securely to monitor your grades and view your transcript. Final grades are due by faculty typically one week after each session end date.
How Do I Register for or Add a Course?
You must contact your advisor to register. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please contact registrar@warner.edu for assistance. Once you’ve registered according to the approved schedule, no change may be made in the registration without approval of the advisor. Classes may be added during the first five class days of the semester or session with the approval of your advisor.
How Do I Drop or Withdraw From a Course?
You may drop classes during the first five class days of the semester or session with approval of your advisor. A course that is dropped is no longer part of your record.

After the drop/add period, you may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of “W” anytime during the first two-thirds of the course. For a full-semester class, withdrawal is possible through the tenth week; for an eight-week course, withdrawal is possible through the fifth week; and for a four-week course (six sessions), withdrawal is possible through the fourth session.

The grade of “W” indicates the student has withdrawn from the course and did not complete it. No academic penalty or benefit is calculated. But withdrawing from a course involves a loss of credit hours and may alter your financial aid status and/or athletic eligibility.

I Think I'm Ready to Graduate! What do I do Now?
You must apply for graduation the semester before you intend to finish your degree program. The application process includes a degree audit which will alert you to any problems or shortcomings in meeting graduation requirements. Graduation information is available online.
Where is My Diploma? Can I Get a Replacement?
Degrees are posted at the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The Registrar posts degrees on transcripts after all coursework has been completed and all clearances have been made. Diplomas are then typically mailed out 6–8 weeks after graduation, but only when all financial obligations to the University have been paid.

You may request a duplicate or replacement diploma by filling out the Diploma Request Form, which you can get from the Office of the Registrar. The fee for a duplicate or replacement diploma is $25.00 per diploma. Checks are to be made payable to Warner University. Please allow two or three months for delivery of the new diploma.

Are There Other Ways to Receive College Credit Besides Attending Classes?
Warner University recognizes your previous learning experiences. You can earn credit for International Baccalaureate courses, AP (Advanced Placement) courses, CLEP exams, DSST exams, military training, and technical training. Warner University accepts the principle that learning as a result of experience may be recognized for credit in place of regular courses that require attendance and exams. The Registrar’s Office manages a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program.
How Do I Take a Course Away from Warner University?
Once you’ve been admitted to Warner University, you may not take courses at other colleges and universities for transfer to Warner University except for sound academic reasons and with the prior approval of the WU department chairperson, coordinator, and the Dean of the appropriate school. Exceptions to this policy will be made only for students desiring courses which not available at Warner University, but which are important to their academic programs. If requesting to take courses at a college other than Warner University, you must complete the Transient Student Form before courses are taken.
How Can I Enroll at Warner as a Non-Degree Seeking Student?
If you do not intend to work toward a degree at Warner University, do not qualify for regular admission, or are enrolled and seeking a degree at another college or university, you may still enroll at Warner University as a transient or non-degree seeking student. See the Registrar to enroll and learn of conditions and limitations.