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The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics provides a quality educational program in the Pre-Physical Therapy major that is designed to prepare undergraduates for admission into graduate programs in physical therapy. The curriculum includes all common prerequisite courses required by schools of physical therapy as well as specialty courses that students can choose to tailor their education to their individual interests and goals. In addition, the Pre-Physical Therapy major includes education in the integration of Christian faith with the study and practice of science and prepares the student to both lead and serve in their vocation.

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General Education Core Requirement for Bachelor of Arts

Information taken from the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog. Please refer to the most recent catalog for further information, found here.

Written and Oral Communication

  • ENG 1010 – Composition I (3 credit hrs.)
  • ENG 1020 – Compostion II (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 2010 – Oral Communication (3 credit hrs.)

Cultural and Historal Perspectives

Choose from two (2) of the four (4) disciplines:

  • Fine Arts (FAS 2005, 2006, or 2043)
  • Literature
  • Biblical Literature, Theology, or BST 2000 – Beginning Bibilical Interpretation
  • Any History (HIS) Course

Mathematics and Science

  • Choose nine (9) credit hours, comprised of at least one (1) natural science course and at least one (1) mathematics course at MAT 1030 or above.

Social Sciences

Choose six (6) credits from:

  • COM 2020 – Media Literacy (3 credit hrs.)
  • ECO 2001 – Principles of Economics: Macro (3 credit hrs.)
  • ECO 2012 – Contemporary Economics (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDU/PSY 2010 – Life-Span Development (3 credit hrs.)
  • GEO 2013 – World Geography (3 credit hrs.)
  • POS 2010 – American Government and Politics (3 credit hrs.)
  • PSY 2000 – Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hrs.)
  • SOC 2000 – Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hrs.)
  • SWK 2050 – Human Behavior and the Social Enviornment (3 credit hrs.)
  • SWK 2053 – Social Problems (3 credit hrs.)
  • UNV 2100 – Strategy and Critical Thinking (3 credit hrs.)

Biblical Studies

Required for freshman and transfer students with fewer than 60 credit hours:

  • BST 1010 – Christian Life: Faith and Practice (3 credit hrs.)
  • BST 2020 – Understanding the New Testament (3 credit hrs.)
  • BST 3005 – Understanding the Old Testament (3 credit hrs.)

Required for trasnfer students with 60 or more credit hours:

  • BST 2020 – Understanding the New Testament (3 credit hrs.)

Personal Development and Worldview

  • BST 4095 – Senior Seminar to Theology and Vocation (3 credit hrs.)
  • UNV 1100 – Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts University (1 credit hr.)
Requirements for Pre-Physical Therapy Major

Specified General Education Courses:

  • MAT 1040 – College Algebra (3 credit hrs.)
  • MAT 2000 – Statistics (3 credit hrs.)
  • BSC 1019  – Intro to Bio: Cytology & Biochemistry with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)

The required core courses:

  • BSC 1019  – Intro to Bio: Cytology & Biochemistry with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 1020 – Intro to Bio: Ecology & Organismal Bio with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 3110 – Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 3210 – Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • MAT 2024 – Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry (3 credit hrs.)
  • SCI 1120 – Chemistry I with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • SCI 1220 – Chemistry II with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • SCI 3050 – The Practice of Science and Theological Thought (3 credit hrs.)
  • SCI 3130 – Physics I with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • SCI 3230 – Physics II with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • PED 3003 – The Care and Prevention of Injuries (3 credit hrs.)
  • PED 3013 – Motor Learning and Development (3 credit hrs.)
  • PED 3056 – Exercise & Sport for Special Populations (3 credit hrs.)
  • PED 4012 – Exercise Physiology (3 credit hrs.)
  • PED 4013 – Kinesiology/Biomechanics I (3 credit hrs.)

Fifteen (15) additional credits from:

  • BSC 2020 – Zoology: The Animal Kingdom with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 2043 – Medical Terminology (3 credit hrs.)
  • BSC 3033 – Microbiology with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 4013 – Genetics with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • BSC 4014 – Biochemistry (3 credit hrs.)
  • BSC 4020 – Advanced Research Methods & Statistics (3 credit hrs.)
  • MAT 2130 – Calculus I (4 credit hrs.)
  • PPT 3075 – Physical Therapy Practicum (1-4 credit hrs.)
  • PSY 3/4XXX – Advanced Course in Psychology (3 credit hrs.)
  • SCI 3120 – Organic Chemistry I with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)
  • SCI 3220 – Organic Chemistry II with Lab (3 credit hrs., 1 credit hr. Lab)

Our Faculty

Dr. Beth Burch

Dr. Beth Burch

Professor of Biological Sciences

Dr. Burch grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. She earned her MS and PhD in Botany at the University of Florida. She is married and has two grown sons. For fun, she likes to cook, read, watch Gator football, and research her family history. Her favorite scripture verse is Galatians 2:20.

Daniel Estabrooks

Daniel Estabrooks

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Dr. Estabrooks has an an M.S. in Ecology from Middle Tennessee State University and spent three years in a Biology Education Ph.D. program at MTSU. He has produced several peer-reviewed publications in the field of herpetology – including research on the Streamside Salamander and Panther Chameleon. In addition, he’s served as a peer reviewer for the Creation Research Society Quarterly. 

Dr. Kelly Grogan

Dr. Kelly Grogan

Chair, Professor of Chemistry / Associate Dean of Policy and Curriculum

Dr. Grogan has a Ph. D from Clemson University in Environmental Engineering and Science, and focuses on the detection and transport of radioactive isotopes.

He is a proud father of two daughters and three sons and enjoys running, reading, movies, games, and intramurals. One of his favorite scripture verses is James 1:19.

Penelope Jahna

Penelope Jahna

Instructor of Mathematics

Ms. Jahna earned her Masters in Math Education from Western Governor’s University. After retiring from 31 years at Avon Park High she is thoroughly enjoying teaching math at the Warner University.

Her favorite moments include dinners with her family and anytime spent on the water. Micah 6:8

Dr. Robert Lamar

Dr. Robert Lamar

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Liana Sanchez-Puig

Dr. Liana Sanchez-Puig

Professor of Biological Sciences

Originally from Cuba, Dr. Sanchez-Puig is passionate about teaching medical and biological sciences. She received her Medical degree from UACA in Costa Rica and later her Pediatrics specialty from USF.

She is family oriented, married and a proud mother. She is always available, and always looking for opportunities to help and reach out students

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9

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