Hospitality and Event Management

Managing and serving

The Hospitality and Event Management major is designed for students seeking a management position in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry encompasses restaurants, hotels, event planning, theme parks, resorts, sports teams, and even cruise lines. This program equips students with the resources and knowledge necessary to manage these complex business environments.

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Experience Christ-centered Hospitality

General Education Core Requirement for Bachelor of Arts/Science

Information taken from the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog. Please refer to the most recent catalog for further information, found here.

Written and Oral Communication

  • ENG 1010 – Composition I (3 credit hrs.)
  • ENG 1020 – Compostion II (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 2010 – Oral Communication (3 credit hrs.)

Cultural and Historal Perspectives

Choose from two (2) of the four (4) disciplines:

  • Fine Arts (FAS 2005, 2006, or 2043)
  • Literature
  • Biblical Literature, Theology, or BST 2000 – Beginning Bibilical Interpretation
  • Any History (HIS) Course

Mathematics and Science

  • Choose nine (9) credit hours, comprised of at least one (1) natural science course and at least one (1) mathematics course at MAT 1030 or above.

Social Sciences

Choose six (6) credits from:

  • COM 2020 – Media Literacy (3 credit hrs.)
  • ECO 2001 – Principles of Economics: Macro (3 credit hrs.)
  • ECO 2012 – Contemporary Economics (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDU/PSY 2010 – Life-Span Development (3 credit hrs.)
  • GEO 2013 – World Geography (3 credit hrs.)
  • POS 2010 – American Government and Politics (3 credit hrs.)
  • PSY 2000 – Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hrs.)
  • SOC 2000 – Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hrs.)
  • SWK 2050 – Human Behavior and the Social Enviornment (3 credit hrs.)
  • SWK 2053 – Social Problems (3 credit hrs.)
  • UNV 2100 – Strategy and Critical Thinking (3 credit hrs.)

Biblical Studies

Required for freshman and transfer students with fewer than 60 credit hours:

  • BST 1010 – Christian Life: Faith and Practice (3 credit hrs.)
  • BST 2020 – Understanding the New Testament (3 credit hrs.)
  • BST 3005 – Understanding the Old Testament (3 credit hrs.)

Required for trasnfer students with 60 or more credit hours:

  • BST 2020 – Understanding the New Testament (3 credit hrs.)

Personal Development and Worldview

  • BST 4095 – Senior Seminar to Theology and Vocation (3 credit hrs.)
  • UNV 1100 – Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts University (1 credit hr.)
Requirements for Hospitality and Event Management Major
  • ACC 2051 – Principles of Accounting I or
  • ACC 3025 – Accounting for Managers (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 2000 – Introduction to Business (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 2030 – Socially Responsible Business Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3010 – Marketing (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3020 – Operations Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3061 – Business Law (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 3110 – Nonverbal Communication or
  • COM 3034 – Public Relations (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 2010 – Introduction to Hospitality and Event Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 3000 – Tourism (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 3010 – Hotel Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 3020 – Customer Services (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 3030 – Introduction to Food Service Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 4000 – Event Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 4045 – Special Topics (3 credit hrs.)
  • HOS 4085 – Experiential Semester (12 credit hrs.)

Select an additional nine (9) elective credit hours from the following list:

  • ACC 2052 – Principles of Managerial Accounting (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 2015 – Personal Finance (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3022 – Management of Information: Security and Practices (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3025 – Mangerial Communication (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3050 – Promotion Strategy (3 credit hrs.)
  • BUS 3070 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 3063 – Communication Elements & Theories (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 2002 – Digital Media Production I(3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 3023 – Digital Media Production II (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 2020 – Media Literacy (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 2044 – Digital Photography (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 3040 – Digital Photography II (3 credit hrs.)
  • COM 3012 – Publishing Design (3 credit hrs.)

Our Faculty

Jeannie Britzmann

Jeannie Britzmann

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Over the last 25+ years, Ms. Britzmann has taught students from all stages of life: from the graduate level, at the University of Washington Masters of Science in Taxation, to high school level Mathematics.
In her spare time, she enjoys almost any outside sporting activity. Her favorite indoor activity is basketball.
Dr. Lawrence Clark

Dr. Lawrence Clark

Professor of Economics & Finance

Dr. Clark teaches economics and statistics to undergraduate and graduate students. He is a court certified economic expert and has authored over 100 articles and reports.

He holds a doctorate from Kansas State University and did his post-doctoral research at the Northwest College and University Association for Science.

Ken Hensley

Ken Hensley

Assistant Professor Of Management

Mr. Hensley comes to Warner with over 30 years of vocational ministry experience as a Senior Pastor and church planter. He has two masters degrees from Western Governors University, most recently earning his MBA in 2021.

In addition to local church work, he was part of the early launch team at Christianity.com and later led the ecommerce efforts for a $450 million swimming pool construction company. He loves black coffee and baseball.


Dr. Verna Omanwa

Dr. Verna Omanwa

Chair, Professor of Business & Finance

Originally from Kenya, Dr. Omanwa earned her Doctor of Business Administration from Argosy University. Dr. Omanwa is a published author in various cross-cultural journals.

Her hobbies include anything outdoors and traveling. Her favorite scripture is from Proverbs 3:5.

Dr. Marietta Poshi

Dr. Marietta Poshi

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Marketing

Dr. Poshi has received a Doctorate in Business Administration & Marketing from Northcentral University, a Masters in Accountancy from Keiser University, and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Business and Marketing.

She is also a researcher, best selling author, and book reviewer. Her hobbies include travelling, cooking, painting and photography, but what she loves most is her family.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9

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