Social Work

Social Work

Majoring in Social Work at Warner University amounts to more than earning a degree. A student graduating from this major is equipped with the professional foundation of knowledge, skills, values, and ethics to enhance human well-being and meet the needs of vulnerable, oppressed, and impoverished populations. If you desire a career with meaning, action, diversity, and a variety of options, consider this.

Program Mission and Outcomes

This program combines rigorous coursework, research opportunities, and practical experiences to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for meaningful engagement in counseling, research, or related fields. Develop a deep understanding of human nature while embracing Christian principles of compassion, ethics, and holistic care. Prepare to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, guided by faith and a passion for understanding and serving others.


Program Highlights

  • As an accredited program of the Council of Social Work Education, we provide an assessment of student learning outcomes for public record
  • Designed to work around your career
  • Completely online
  • Two courses every 8 weeks
  • Accelerated degree completion program
  • Financial assistance and tuition scholarships available

Admission Requirements


Freshman Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet at least two of the three criteria to be admitted.

  1. Graduation from high school with academic rank in the upper half of their graduating class
  2. A high school grade point average of 2.25 or higher
  3. A composite score on the ACT of 18 or combined SAT I score of 940

Transfer Student Admission Requirements 

(24 or more hours.  Those with fewer than 24 hours are subject to Freshman Admission Requirements)

Must be in good academic and have at least a GPA of 2.0 or higher

Full Admission into the Social Work Program

Students may declare the social work major with provisional admission and the ability to complete some or most coursework. Students must meet the below conditions for full admission. Students who fail to meet full admission requirements after progressing as far as possible without full admission will have a registration hold placed on their student record until the requirements are met. To be fully admitted to the undergraduate social work program at Warner University, students must display a willingness and commitment to working with a multitude of diverse populations. In addition, students must have a desire to work with people of different socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. It is expected that all applicants have read and agree to adhere to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. Interested students must apply for full admission to the social work major during the semester in which they will earn 60 credit hours. Transfer students must apply for admission during their first semester of enrollment at Warner University. The following requirements are part of the full Admission to Major Packet that must be completed prior to admission in the social work program:

  1. Completion of the following prerequisites with a grade of “C” or better:
    – ENG 1010 Composition I
    – ENG 1020 Composition II
    – MAT 1030 Mathematics for Liberal Arts or higher
  2.  A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.25
  3. Demonstration of beginning level of the skills and attitudes described in the Social Work Student Standards (students will sign a statement that they have read and agree to adhere to the Social Work Student Standards and the Social Work Student Manual).
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to uphold and adhere to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics (students will sign a statement acknowledging they have read and commit to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics).
  5. Submission of two completed recommendation forms (these recommendations may be from a high school teacher, a guidance counselor, an instructor at Warner University outside of the Behavioral Sciences Department, an instructor from another institution of higher learning where the student has attended, a past or present employer, or a pastor).
  6. Submission of the written interview question form.
  7. Completion of an Affidavit of Good Moral Character in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapter 435. In addition, a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and/or drug screening may be required at various field placement agencies. Students who have a misdemeanor or felony conviction MUST schedule an appointment with the Field Education Coordinator to discuss the nature of the conviction prior to submitting an admission application.

Admission Process

  • Complete an  Application.
  • Submit official transcripts from each college or university you have attended, if applicable, or supply a high school or GED transcript if there are no transferable college or university credits.
  • Applicants not meeting admissions requirements may appeal to the Admitting and Registration Committee


The required Bachelor of Arts in Social Work courses  (48 – credit hours) are:

SWK 2000Introduction to Social Work3
SWK 2050Human Behavior and Social Environment3
SWK 2053Social Problems (preferred) or
SOC 2000Sociology3
SWK 3050Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations3
SWK 3013Social Work Process and Practice I3
SWK 3014Social Work Process and Practice II3
SWK 3020Social Welfare Policy3
SWK 3024Social Work Practice with Groups3
SWK 3033Introduction to Trauma and Resiliency3
SWK 4010Methods of Social Research3
SWK 4030Interviewing and Documentation3
SWK 4032Models of Intervention for Social Work Practice3
SWK 4085Field Education10
SWK 4095Field Education Seminar2
 Six (6) additional credit hours from the following:
SWK 3034Death and Dying3
SWK 3044Substance Abuse3
SWK 3054Child Abuse and Neglect3
SWK 4045Special Topics in Social Work3
SWK 4054Child Welfare Policy3
PSY 3050Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 4020Counseling Theories3
PSY 4045Special Topics in Psychology3
PSY 4080Adult Development and Aging3


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