The Associate of Arts/General Studies degree, designed for working adults, is widely accepted and prepares students for the completion of a bachelor’s degree. In some situations, this degree will meet the student’s educational career or job goals. After completion of an associate degree, many students then enter one of the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies

Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Applicants not meeting admissions requirements may appeal to the Admitting and Registration Committee

Program Mission and Outcomes

General Education exists as the core of Warner’s academic programs, providing a framework of broad knowledge for an introduction to liberal arts, advancing the study of humanities, communication, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and biblical and theological thought.

Students earning an A.A. in General Studies will meet the following eight outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence and a Christian learning environment.

  1. Acquire and apply mathematical skills, concepts and models to various disciplines.
  2. Interpret and react to the effects of past and present political, economic and social systems and paradigms including their individual positions relative to the global community.
  3. Think, integrate, and clearly communicate knowledge from various disciplines. Communication at the undergraduate level includes the demonstration of quality writing and speaking skills.
  4. Recognize the meaning of and make application of biblical content.
  5. Recognize God and prepare themselves spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically through service to others and cooperation in college life.
  6. Recognize, apply, and appreciate the value of the arts and humanities.
  7. Employ research methods, skills, tools, technologies and knowledge systems useful to various disciplines demonstrating information literacy.
  8. Critically analyze foundational assumptions and resulting arguments, claims, theories, and scientific laws.


Admission Requirements


Freshman Admission Requirements:

Applicants must meet at least two of the three criteria to be admitted.

  1. Graduation from high school with academic rank in the upper half of their graduating class
  2. A high school grade point average of 2.25 or higher
  3. A composite score on the ACT of 18 or combined SAT I score of 940


Transfer Student Admission Requirements 

(24 or more hours.  Those with fewer than 24 hours are subject to Freshman Admission Requirements)

Must be in good academic and have at least a GPA of 2.0 or higher


Admission Process:

  • Complete an  application.
  • Submit official transcripts from each college or university you have attended, if applicable, or supply a high school or GED transcript if there are no transferable college or university credits.
  • Applicants not meeting admissions requirements may appeal to the Admitting and Registration Committee



General Education Core Requirements

The minimum general education core requirements as approved by the faculty for students in either an Associate of Arts program, a Bachelor of Arts program, or a Bachelor of Science program.  Some programs have specific course requirements and/or additional requirements.  See individual programs for more details.


Written and Oral Communication  (9 credit hours)

ENG 1010Composition I (must be passed with a “C” or higher)3
ENG 1020Composition II (must be passed with a “C” or higher)3
COM 2010 Oral Communication 3






Cultural and Historical Perspectives  (6 credit hours)

Choose from two of the four disciplinesHRS.
FAS 2005 or 2003Fine Arts3
Biblical Literature or Theology course3
History (a general world or US history course)3






Mathematics and Science (9 credit hours)

Choose nine hours, comprised of at least one natural science course and at least one mathematics course at MAT 1030 or above.






Social Sciences  (6 credit hours)  

Choose From:  COURSEHRS.
COM 2020Media Literacy3
ECO 2001Principles of Economics:  Macro3
ECO 2012Contemporary Economics3
EDU/PSY 2010Life-Span Development3
GEO 2013World Geography3
POS 2010American Government and Politics3
PSY 2000Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 2000Introduction to Sociology 3
SWK 2053Social Problems3






Biblical Studies  (3 – 6 credit hours)

BST 1010Christian Life, Faith, and Service AND3
BST 2010

Understanding the Old Testament

(required for freshmen and transfer students with less than 60 credit hours)

BST 2020

Understanding the New Testament

(for transfer students with 60 or more credit hours)







Personal Development and Worldview  (6 – 7 credit hours)


PED 1000Lifetime Wellness3
UNV 2050Transfer Student Seminar or equivalent0 – 1
UNV 4095Integrative Seminar  3