Warner University recently unveiled a new logo for its Online Programs. This logo mimics the overall look of the university while vibrantly displaying the word “online.”

The brand update will take effect immediately starting with the rollout of the logo on the current platform Warner online students use for their coursework—Moodle. The update will then trickle into all advertising and promoting of Warner’s online programs as well as being seen on all online course materials.

“The update to our branding reflects our commitment to enhancing and growing the Warner brand—especially in our own backyard,” Joel Flaming, Assistant Director of Admissions, said. “We hear all the time of individuals who have lived in Central Florida their entire lives and don’t know who Warner is. By updating our Online Programs logo to align with the overall brand of Warner University, we hope to establish a consistent and recognizable look for the university.”

The updated logo is shown below.

Warner University Online Logo