Many at Warner know Estabrooks for the animals that he sometimes brings to class.

Estabrooks has two geckos living in his office, Teddy and Nisey, each 17 and 7 years old respectfully.

The lizards are only supposed to live 20 years, and Estabrooks says he is not sure he will replace the pets when they die.

“I love animals, but I love animals in the wild,” Estabrooks said, adding that raising two kids with his wife, Ashley, was enough responsibility.

Estabrooks does love animals. He also enjoys hiking and recording bird sightings for Cornell University.

“I try to go out once a week, and I try to hike about 6 miles.”

Estabrooks accomplishes all this with a seemingly boundless amount of energy.

I am the most stereotypical morning person in the world,” Estabrooks said, explaining that he wakes up at 5:30 a.m. ready to take on the world and ending his day at about 9:00.

In 2013, Estabrooks was married and wanted kids, so he put his doctorate on hold, sending out applications to schools.

Warner was the only Christian school that needed a biology teacher, and Estabrooks really wanted to go to a Christian school.

Estabrooks got the job at Warner, and he said that his favorite thing about the school is its diversity.

“There are a lot of different cultures here, and everyone seems to get along.”

Estabrooks agrees with Warner’s stance on creation, defining himself as a “young earth creationist.”

“It’s obvious that evolution exists,” Estabrooks said, adding, however, that, “evolution is not capable of producing large-scale change to the extent that modern Western scientists claim it is.”

Estabrooks encourages Warner students to “always keep an open mind.”

“If you are encountered with something you don’t agree with, always be open to the possibility the other person is right.”