October 6, 2022

Traditional Students,

We continue to pray for your well-being while you are away from campus. We miss having you here. You are the reason Warner exists, and we are eager for your return.

We are working hard to facilitate your return somewhere around the middle of next week. Until we give the all-clear, however, we want to communicate a few academic adjustments for next week and the remainder of the semester.

  • Next Monday through Friday (October 10–14) we will return to remote instruction. Each instructor will have complete freedom in his or her approach. Some may simply put reading assignments and written assignments or quizzes online. Others may record lectures. Still, others may want to meet via Zoom during regularly scheduled class time. In this latter case, you would need to join a Zoom for your “attendance” if that’s what your instructor so chooses. However your instructors go about providing remote instruction, please do your best to stay caught up, as we have lost valuable class time already.
  • Fall break, which had been scheduled for Thursday and Friday, October 21–22, will be canceled to replace some of our lost class time.
  • Finals week (December 5–8) will become a regular class week, and all finals will be administered remotely the following week (December 12–15). Please plan to be on campus through Friday, December 9.
  • Midterm exams, which were previously scheduled for October 10–14, will now be on October 17–21.
  • The last day to withdraw from classes with a W on your transcript will change from Wednesday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 26.

Yesterday you received a Warner Shield message about academic advising. Faculty advisors started reaching out to students today. In order to stay on track for spring registration (which opens on October 17), you are strongly encouraged to be responsive to your advisor and engage with the advising process. Doing so will help assure that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses for the spring semester.

September 30, 2022

Dear Warner Students,

We realize that the impact of Hurricane Ian has affected a large percentage of the Warner community more than was originally anticipated. We are praying for our students and employees, and we are committed to being as flexible as possible during this challenging time.

The University is still without power in some places, and campus clean-up and maintenance need to occur before students can return safely. Duke Energy has not yet communicated a time when all power will be restored. Consequently, we are unable at this time to give students a firm date for return.

Traditional students were informed on Tuesday, September 27 that this week’s activities would be “remote.” While completion of those activities will still be expected, those remote activities—starting with the ones associated with the 10:50 a.m. class period on Tuesday, September 27 and all classes following for the remainder of the week—will not be due until Sunday, October 9 at 11:55 p.m.

We DO NOT anticipate students returning to campus next week. However, we would love for students to be back on campus as soon as possible, and we will communicate an “all-clear” message as soon as it is appropriate to do so. Please continue to check warner.edu for updates, and continue to watch for Warner Shield messages. At this time, students and parents should avoid making phone calls to campus.

NO academic activities are scheduled for next week (Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7). At this time, we are planning to use finals week to make up the canceled class time. Finals would then be remote the following week so that students could still leave campus for the semester on Friday, December 9, as currently scheduled.

We are currently working with the Sun Conference to reschedule athletic events. More detailed information will be communicated through coaches.

We know that the effects of Hurricane Ian have caused and are causing anxiety for many in our campus community. Please remember that TimelyCare offers counseling for mental health concerns. Students are encouraged to connect with a TimelyCare mental health professional at their discretion. You may download the TimelyCare app through your app store.

We continue to lift you up in prayer.

God Bless,

Dr. Hoag