Hurricane Ian FAQs For Students

  1. Are students able to return to campus?
    • Students are not being allowed to return to campus at this time.
  2. Can students go to their dorms to check on personal items?
    • No students will be allowed into their residence hall rooms until after the ‘all-clear’ is given.
  3. What about athletic practice and sporting events?
    1. All athletic practices and sporting events have been canceled for the week of Oct 2nd – 8th.
  4. What about academics?
    •  Students were informed today that any remote academic assignments given last week will not be due until Sunday, October 9 at 11:55 p.m.. We understand that all student situations are
      different. Students may be given extended deadlines for completing academic work that was disrupted by the hurricane.
  5. What is the condition of the residence halls?
    • Some of the residence halls have some areas of mild water damage. All issues are being addressed and repaired/treated.
    • Each residence hall room has been inspected. As far as we can tell there is no damage to student personal belongings left in their rooms. There is no specific way to know whether or not electronic equipment left behind is in working order, however, there is no apparent damage.
  6. What if I need to contact a specific department on campus?

Questions about specific coursework should be directed to the relevant course instructors.