On March 1 Warner University officially became part of the Citrus Label Tour of Polk County! What started a few short years ago as an initiative to identify buildings, land, and families with significance to the citrus industry in Polk has grown to well over 15 locations. Warner University is honored to house two of the label displays which were generously donated by the represented families, the Maxcys and the Keens.

JW Keen Family PrideKeen Family (represented by Crawfords, Sizemores, Aarons & Gandys)

The signs were conveniently placed around our Ed & Myrtle Lou Swindle Agriculture Complex.

Maxcy Family2Maxcy Family (represented by Clay Wilson, Jinx Chaney, Seddon Henry, Coot Wilson, Cindy Henry, Caleb Wilson and Al Milton)


During the dedication, members of the families were asked to share a little history on their family and the label. Jan Crawford with the Keen family shared that her father actually took part in the planning of what was known then as Warner Southern College. What a small world!

Myrtice and JanJan Crawford (Keen family) and Myrtice Young (Historic Preservation Manager at Polk County History Center)

Clay Wilson shared his family’s history in the Agriculture industry and talked about the citrus label that is represented on our campus. 

Clay WilsonClay Wilson (Maxcy Family)

“Mantilla” features the bright vibrant colors of Cuba’s culture and was a favorite vacation destination for the family.


Following the dedication guests were given a tour of our beautiful complex and were treated to a lovely lunch prepared for us by WU’s awesome chef.

Coot Greg and DavidCoot Wilson, Greg Littleton (Citizens Bank President) and WU President David A. Hoag

Keen Family Citrus Label

Thank you to both families for thinking of Warner University when deciding where to place your citrus label.

If you or someone you know has a citrus label and is interested in joining the tour, please contact
Mrs. Myrtice Young with the Polk County History Center, or call (863)534-4386.

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