At Warner, we strive to ensure our students are provided with the best educational resources and are prepared for their career path. Seeing our alums succeed and make strides in their industry is something we are very proud of. Recently, Warner’s education department was recognized for their efforts in the classroom. 

Once a month, Education Department Chair Dr. Lori Hutto participates in the “Community of Practice” check-in call with the Florida Department of Education and other department chairs from across the state to report on Warner’s program and testing. A report is gathered annually from the data collected in these calls. 

For the first time ever, Warner University ranked as the #1 Top Performer for the Professional Education exam!

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In the past, Warner has ranked within the top 3 for the elementary education exam as well as the general math exam, but never before in first place. Dr. Hutto believes a big part in our students’ success is because of the free preparation classes offered through Warner University as opposed to other colleges and universities. 

“Our 100% pass rate on the Professional Education exam underscores both the strength of our teacher-education faculty and the quality of our teacher-education students. Warner has been preparing future educators exceptionally well for years, and this achievement is just further validation of our program’s quality,” shares Chief Academic Officer Dr. Gentry Sutton.

Congratulations to Warner’s education department!