Publix Super Markets Charities (PSMC) has been in existence since 1967, just one year before Warner was founded! The foundation was established by George W. Jenkins, founder of Publix, to support and improve lives within the Publix communities. Today, Publix Super Markets are highly visible in communities throughout the Southeast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

For the last 35 years, Warner University has been the recipient of grant funds from Publix Super Markets Charities! Our campus community would like to thank them for their recent 2023 gift towards the Royal Fund for Excellence. This allows our university to flourish and provides scholarships for current and future Royals!

Our campus is full of examples of the result of Publix Super Markets Charities’ generosity. Specifically, The Publix Super Markets Charities Classroom located in the Pontious Learning Resource Center (PLRC). This room holds classes as well as Spiritual Growth events from 8 a.m. into the evening every day of the week.

Most students benefit from the PSMC scholarship gifts through academic merit scholarships. Without these scholarship funds, many students would not be able to afford to attend. Thank you Publix Super Markets Charities for the significant support you continue to show toward our university and students!

“Because of the support our campus receives from community grants like PSMC, I am able to continue my education without worry of debt!
What a feeling that is. I am so thankful to be at an institution like WU.”

-Stephie, WU sophomore

Local Publix supermarket stores have also assisted Warner on many occasions by donating food for various events, like our beloved Warner Cares Day and feeding our athletic teams over holiday breaks.

We are incredibly grateful for Publix Super Markets Charities and their dedication to making lives better in our community.

Additional information can be found at https://publixcharities.org.
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