This year, we celebrated our 2nd year of Royal Cup. There were many great students who interviewed but we had three come out as winners. Here’s what Justin Butts, the overall winner had to say about his scholarship: 

How has receiving this scholarship helped you attend Warner?

“It helped me tremendously! Before receiving it, I didn’t think about coming here, it was more of a second thought. I actually applied for the scholarship last minute and when I won, I took it as a sign that this is where i’m meant to be. Overall, the scholarship definitely helped with finances for me and my family.”

What did it mean to you when you won Royal Cup? 

“It meant the world to me! That had to of been one of the biggest accomplishments that i’ve done so far. It was 100% a surprise; my goal was to at-least get top 10 but when they called me into my high school office to announce I won overall, it was definitely shocking.

What has been your favorite thing about Warner so far? 

“My favorite part of Warner right now is the culture. The culture here is amazing and better than any other school I toured. The fact that it’s a smaller campus, makes me feel like everyone is closer and almost like one big family. Here you get involved easier than you would a bigger university. ”

Congratulations Justin, we can not wait to see what the future holds for you as a Royal! 

Registration for the 2022 Royal Cup opens TODAY, click here to register!