You have probably seen her at school and athletic events, but how well do you know the new First Lady of Warner University Joanna Hoag? And if you’re worried about what to call her, Joanna, Jo, Mrs. Hoag, and even FLOWU (First Lady of Warner University) all work perfectly for her.

Hoag was the chapel speaker on Thursday, Feb. 16, but this chapel took the form of an interview for the students to better get to know her.

Joanna and David Hoag

“This was a great start, and I feel God was calling me to it,” said Hoag.

Hoag graduated from Asbury University, where she first met and started dating President David Hoag. She graduated with a degree in Physical Education but was originally a music major for the first quarter of her freshman year.


Having been a student-athlete herself while at Asbury, playing field hockey and softball, Hoag can relate to many of our students on campus and loves attending the athletic events.

Being honest with the students about her walk with faith, Hoag opened up about being a non-believer when she first attended the university.

“I was a non-believer when I first went to school, but it was amazing to own my own faith when I did and make that decision for myself,” said Hoag.

Hoag has advice for students who are currently in that position she once was.

“At this very moment, Jesus is pursuing you and wants to be a part of your life. You were thought of long ago, and the place you’re at now is where you’re supposed to be at this very moment, so take Him up on that if you haven’t already and listen to what He has to say.”

Joanna Hoag with Warner students

Hoag has actively worked in higher education and on college campuses alongside President Hoag since she was a college student.

When the Hoag’s first learned of the new journey in their lives in Dr. Hoag’s new presidential position, they knew this was the calling God had been putting in their hearts.

“It’s been a dream of David’s,” said Hoag. “When the board voted on us and we accepted the position, I think both of us felt the responsibility, but we knew Christ was in the center of that decision and we felt the calling to follow His lead.”

“There is such quality students here at Warner,” said Hoag. “They are so welcoming and willing to be open and connect with you and others.”

During her time as First Lady at Warner, Hoag wants to be involved on campus, have a relationship with the students, and help out in any way she can.

“If you see me on campus, please feel free to come up and say hi. I’m never too busy to talk, I love that,” said Hoag. “I want to be out there on campus experiencing what the students are experiencing at activities and get to welcome students, faculty, and staff to our home.”

As for what Warner should expect from the Hoag family…

“We want to work right along side of you, we are here to be a team,” said Hoag. “I’m excited about what God has done here at Warner, what He is doing here now, and what He will do here.”