This year, we celebrated our 2nd year of Royal Cup. There were many great students who interviewed but we had three come out as winners. Here’s what Bradley Lafferty, winner of best interview had to say about his scholarship: 

How has receiving this scholarship helped you attend Warner?

“Obviously the biggest answer would be financial assistance; it’s huge! It has made it much easier for my family and I am super appreciative of it. “

What did it mean to you when you won Royal Cup? 

“It definitely meant a-lot. It helped give me a cool exposure to the campus; I was able to sit in the computer lab and do activities that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do if it was just a tour. Warner was really the only school I was looking at. I came and toured around February of 2020 and instantly fell in love with the campus and Christian values. When winning Royal Cup, I knew this is where I belong. This was my home for the next 4 years.”

What has been your favorite thing about Warner so far? 

“My favorite thing about Warner so far has definitely been meeting people. I loved freshman orientation because it gave me that opportunity to get to know potential classmates and friends. Warner is so diverse; there’s students that are local and there are students from different continents and everyone here is super relaxed and easy to talk to. I feel like the nature of the school, being a Christian campus, helps facilitate you into creating a community with the people around you. 

Congratulations Bradley, we can not wait to see what the future holds for you as a Royal! 

Registration for the 2022 Royal Cup opens on October1st, click here to register!