Article by Warner student, Adrian Glasgow

Morgan Sullivan, a Criminal Justice major and sophomore center back for the Royals perfects her craft on and off the soccer field, by using her musical gifts to express herself.

The Saint Cloud native wanted to participate in her church’s worship band before coming to college, hoping to one day earn the head role. After receiving her first guitar from her parents at 8 years old, she taught herself how to play, along with the drums, which was a birthday gift she got at the age of 10, and lastly, a piano she got at the age of 16. “I’ve always been passionate about music,” Sullivan said. “The moment I received these instruments I started teaching myself how to play.”

After graduating, Sullivan hopes to play soccer on the next level and has music as a side hobby. This season she has accumulated 360 minutes played on the field along with being a student. Growing up as a homeschooled child, she was able to lean towards her passion for music freely and manage her school work, and soccer performance all while learning new songs. “I play my instruments and learn new songs in my free time,” Sullivan said. “I usually play my music when I’m finished with homework and after practice before I go to bed.”