Warner University is proud to be included in the Florida budget for the first time with an appropriation of $2.25 million. Now, we would love to announce that these funds are going towards an exciting new building or residence hall, but it is something even more needed than that—a new wastewater treatment facility! With the amount of growth our university has experienced over the past few years, we are over capacity with our current sewer plant, and it is now stifling our growth and expansion. New buildings, dorms, and even seating for our new turf athletic field are on hold until we can construct this new wastewater plant. So please join us in celebrating this win as the state understands the importance of Warner not only servicing our campus but our surrounding community, including Bok Academy South and South Lake Wales Church of God.

Our hopes are to be included in the 2024 budget for the second half of the cost of the plant so that we can complete this project in less than two years.