Warner University extends its profound gratitude to the George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation for its generous grant of $15,000. This significant contribution is designated to fortify the “Scholarships for Low-Income Students from Polk County” initiative, a crucial endeavor aimed at fostering accessibility and inclusivity in higher education within our community.

The “Scholarships for Low-Income Students from Polk County” reflects our dedication to nurturing first-time college students. Through extending financial aid to students from economically challenged backgrounds in our local community, our goal is to dismantle obstacles to higher education and enable individuals to overcome the constraints of their circumstances.

Warner University is profoundly honored to receive the generous grant from the George W. Jenkins Fund, and we pledge to steward these resources with the utmost care and integrity. Together, we will continue to champion the transformative power of education and work to guide students toward Christ-like character and intellectual maturity while equipping them to serve.