On September 21-23, 2022, Warner University hosted our annual Spiritual Emphasis Week on campus. The purpose of Spiritual Emphasis week is to ignite the Warner student body toward a more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and to highlight the theme of the 2022-2023 academic year—which is “You Were Made for More.” We had the pleasure of hosting Juan & Becky Ortiz as our campus-wide speakers. Mr. Ortiz is a husband of 37 years, a father of 5, and a wealthy entrepreneur. He attributes his success to the reality that God takes broken people and makes them different.

Juan and Becky met with students at four chapels and around campus, including a delightful tour of H.E.A.R.T. Village. We are thrilled with the moments of relationship that Juan provided to our campus. Through compelling stories and humor from his own life, Juan spoke in four chapel services. During our first chapel, Juan told his personal story of overcoming poverty, abuse, and near homelessness due to a father who was abusive to Juan’s mother and his other siblings. During our second chapel, Juan spoke to students about encouraging people who in our own “Balcony”—those who cheer for us in everyday life—and to make sure that you are cheering for someone else. During our third chapel, he encouraged students not to worry because they are friends of Jesus, not just servants. He called students to pray, then to get to work on their prayers. And finally during our last chapel, Juan reminded students that they are here at Warner for a time such as this—to trust in Christ and live their lives right now for Him.

Outside of chapel, Juan impacted the campus in very positive ways. He met with the cheerleaders, flag football team, women’s volleyball team, men’s soccer team and all of the athletic coaches. Each group was well-inspired to honor Christ by how they love their teammates, and coaches were inspired to continue in fiery service to Warner students. In very powerful ways Juan and Becky Ortiz impacted the campus of Warner University by loving and listening to our students and pouring into them the love of Jesus through experientially gained wisdom.

Warner University is extremely blessed to have gained a newfound friendship with Juan Ortiz. Please enjoy these pictures taken throughout chapel during week.