As we start the new spring semester at Warner, our community begins addressing changes and upgrades around campus. One of our newest changes is designed with serving students in mind: the newly redesigned Academic Skills Center. This is a place to study, ask questions, learn together and receive support from tutors and professors from each discipline. 

The ASC also helps students with time management, organizational skills, writing, comprehension, and other academic skills. In the new facility, there’s more space for more tutors than ever before. 

“We are excited to have more space for people to come in and where more than one ASC staff member can work with someone at a time,” says Mrs. Kelly Morgan, director of the ASC. “We would like for classes, study groups, athletic team’s study halls to find a place where they feel comfortable studying. We are excited to be able to serve so many more people!” 

We would like people to know it is a place open to all skill levels, and that it’s not necessary to be failing or struggling in a class to schedule appointments or walk in. The new location is in the Pontious Learning Resource Center, Rooms 234 and 235B. Hours of operation vary as it closes during chapel yet is open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 am to 9 pm. Mrs. Morgan hopes for the usage of the resource to grow.  “We made this for the students. The more they’ll use it the more we can better serve them.”