The Warner University Enactus team is partnering with the Lake Wales Literacy Academy to help local families gain the tools needed to make a better future for their families.  The Lake Wales Literacy Academy was started by Dem Cowles and Gail Crum about 9 years ago and has been helping local families gain the skills necessary to pass the GED and go on to further their education or gain better employment.  They also help Spanish speakers gain the knowledge of the English language needed to gain employment.  Each family that is a part of this great program has children that they bring with them to the weekly meetings.  The children are cared for while the parents take part in tutoring and parenting sessions.  On Dec. 9th @ 5 PM the Lake Wales Literacy Academy will hold their annual Christmas celebration at Janie Howard Wilson Elementary.  All the families and volunteers will gather together for a Christmas story, followed by the opening of gifts by the children.  Warner Enactus purchased a pair of PJ’s for each child, and the Lake Wales Literacy Academy is providing a book and stuffed animal for each child.

Warner Enactus is an entrepreneurial group on campus whose goal is to identify a social need in the community and create a plan to solve the need and create sustainability.  Our goal with this project is to create sustainability within the families involved with Lake Wales Family Literacy.  One way we are reaching out to build relationships with the families is by ministering to them during this holiday season.  We have adopted all of the PreK- K age children and have purchases PJ’s for each of them.