Enactus is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. Here at Warner University we have decided that starting an Enactus team would be a great way to get our students involved in the local community and make a positive change. The Enactus team members are dedicated to the projects we have committed to this year. We have 4 local projects for the 2013-2014 school year: Operation Backback, Community Gardening Plots, Lake Wales Literacy Academy, and Applied Images.

The first project that we have started is “Operation Backpack.” For this project, we will assist a local food pantry in supplying non-perishable food to local students who do not have sufficient food to eat on the weekends. The target audience for this project is a food supply organization known as Operation Backpack. It is an organization through Lake Wales Charter Schools that serves migrant and homeless families by providing non-perishable food for students identified as lacking sufficient food at home over the weekends. The organization collects food from local churches and organizations and then fills backpacks to give to local students each Friday. Warner Enactus will be providing a food supply to Operation Backpack to enable them to feed impoverished and homeless students at Lake Wales High School each week.

The second project is the Community Gardening project. Warner Enactus will partner with Lake Wales Care Center to help local families grow their own fruits and vegetables for personal consumption and eventually sell for income. We will partner with families living in transitional housing to begin a garden at their home. We will also assist with the education and operations of the B-Street Community Gardening Plots.

The third project is with the Lake Wales Literacy Academy. We will assist by tutoring the families and their children. The goal of this program is to give the adults we tutor the skills they need to pass their GED and go on to further their education or get a better paying, more stable job. The ultimate goal for the Enactus team is for these families to become independent and self-sustaining through the tools they gain at the Lake Wales Literacy Academy.

The fourth project for this year is working with a local female owned small business, Applied Images. This small business was started a little over 2 years ago and has yet to turn a profit. Our goal is to increase marketing techniques and bring in a larger client base; which will in turn bring more business and an increase in profit.

Autumn Moyer, Enactus Advisor
Warner University, 13895 Hwy 27, Lake Wales, FL 33859