Matching gift programs are charitable giving programs setup by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if you work for Bank of America and donate $100 to Warner University, Bank of America will double the donation by also writing a check for $100.

Thousands of companies offer matching gift programs for employees and in some cases, retirees as well. A few examples include:

  • Johnson & Johnson – Triples donations with $2:$1 matches for current employees while also doubling donations for retirees.
  • Bank of America – Matches donations $1:$1 up to $5,000 annually per employee.
  • Home Depot – Matches donations $1:$1 up to $3,000 annually per employee.

The impact of these programs can be substantial! In 2011, Microsoft matched $48.9 million worth of employee donations to schools and 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Did you know that more than 15 million employees work for companies with matching gift programs?

Want to help Warner University?

In the past, Warner University has received matching gifts from: AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, Dow, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, Merck, MetLife, Pepsico, Price Waterhouse, Prudential, State Farm, Verizon and Wells Fargo, to name a few. We have an opportunity to substantially increase donations through corporate matching gift programs. Would you consider getting involved?

You can easily determine your eligibility and gain access to detailed corporate giving information about your employer by searching this list of companies with matching gift programs: Corporate Matching Gifts

We provide you with as much of the following as possible:

  • Up-to-date company policies
  • Printed forms or links to the online submission process
  • Our nonprofit’s contact information (Tax ID, address, fundraising contact)

To learn more about making a donation online, visit this link, or to give directly to WU, click here. Recurring gifts can be setup as well.

If your company isn’t listed, make sure to check with your HR department to see what programs they might offer.  Thank you for taking an additional five minutes out of your busy schedule to help us continue the educational ministry of Warner University to “graduate individuals who exemplify academic excellence and Christian character, who are prepared to lead and committed to serve.”

If you have additional questions, please contact Andrea Thies, VP of Advancement at andrea.thies@warner.edu or 863-638-7611.