New Student Tech FAQ & Tips

Academic Labs – Computers are available for academic use by students in several campus locations: Pontious Learning Resource Center – 29 PC’s, 8 Mac’s Rigel Student Center – 30 Academic Skills Center – 4 Black and white laser printing is available in each location.

Color printing is available for $.20/page.

Specialty Labs: Communication Arts, Music Dorms.

Each dorm room is connected to the campus network via wireless allowing easy access to e-mail, the library catalog, and the Internet. Our experience connecting computers to the campus network shows that standard computer configurations such as those supplied by HP, Gateway, Dell, Toshiba work easily and well. We do not guarantee that all computers meeting the minimum system requirements will connect to the campus network.

We do not allow connection of game consoles to the network.

Buying a computer – Most families choose to purchase a computer for their student. If you choose to make a purchase, please note that the Windows environment is the standard operating system and Microsoft Office is the supported applications package for most of our campus. However, we do support connecting MAC computers, iPads, etc. to the wireless network.

Computer support for students – ITS provides limited support to students in residence halls to assist them in getting their network connection working and bringing your computer up to minimum requirements. We do not do repair or warranty work on behalf of the University. Be sure you know how to call for warranty service.

Getting your computer ready for college – IMPORTANT: All computers must be fully patched and current with all Windows or Mac updates. All Windows computers must have a non-trial full-version anti-virus software package installed. ITS can recommend several free programs that will satisfy this requirement. Your computer should have wireless network capability. Most modern notebooks and mobile devices have this technology built-in. If not, we sell standard wireless adapters in the bookstore at competitive prices.

Protect yourself from spyware programs – Consider installing the personal versions of:

    There are several acceptable free antivirus packages available as well. We recommend the following in order:

    Pop-up blockers – These may cause problems getting to AU resources. Know how to disable this!

    Wireless access – The RoyalAir wireless network is available in all academic buildings and residence halls. Students should not bring wireless routers to campus. They are not needed and will interfere with our wireless network. Wireless cards must be 802.11g capable. 802.11n cards are usually fine as most are backwards compatible.

    Pack original CDs of critical software (Windows, Office, etc) If a problem with the machine or software occurs, original software may be required to resolve issues. NO file sharing programs (i.e. Morpheus, Ares, LimeWire)

    More questions? Email them to its@warner.edu.