Year: Senior

Major: Elementary Education


How did you hear about WU?

I heard about WU through a co-worker. Her positive experience at WU made me want to know more.

What made the difference for you?

My co-worker shared how helpful everyone was—especially in the admissions process. In the past, I’d had trouble with other schools not being helpful or providing guidance, but Warner always communicated with me. Based on how much they helped me, I decided to enroll.

What is the campus environment like at WU?

I appreciate the love and helpfulness from everyone, including the faculty, staff, my classmates, and anyone in the student body. Whether I know them personally or not, they have my best interest in mind and will be there when I need them.

How do you feel about graduating this year?

I’m excited to student teach, graduate, and get into the classroom as soon as I can. And I’m also contemplating going forward with my masters—a goal WU prepared me for and encouraged me to pursue.