Year: Junior

Major: International Business


What made you choose Warner?

I’m an international student, so half of my decision was made based on how WU communicated with me and guided me through the application process. Coach Stacey also communicated back and forth with me and really made me feel wanted.

Anything else influence your choice?

The fact that it is a Christian university and it is a college in Florida. I had my heart set on Florida!

What position do you play?

I am a central midfielder. I was recruited as a winger, but Coach Stacey recognized my strengths and converted me into a central midfield player. It’s made me better and allows me to help the team more.

What is your favorite part about your experience at Warner?

My friends and teammates. My WU experience wouldn’t be the same without them.

What are your plans after graduation?

Start graduate school, earn my MBA, and begin my journey in the business world.

Do you have a favorite soccer memory?

I got my first start my first year, and I assisted on the game-winning goal. That felt amazing!