Major: Business Administration (B.A.)


So Chris, tell us why you wanted to go to college as an adult student?

I decided to go to Warner as an adult student because I want to advance professionally in my current field of employment—public safety. I’ve also always wanted to be the first college graduate in my immediate family. This is my personal dream—I’m making it happen and that feels good. I want to show my sons the value and importance of education through my personal example.

What’s your favorite thing about the Warner Adult Online Program?

I love the quality of my professors and the quality of the course content that I’m taking. My course schedule and workload are conducive to my work schedule and family life and this has been critical to my success.

What’s made the biggest impact on your life since going back to school?

Every day I prove to myself that it is possible to balance my family, school, and career. I enjoy the gratification I feel after successfully passing one class after another. It keeps me moving forward.

Graduation is coming! What do you plan to do when you graduate?

I plan to further my current career in public safety with my degree and continue to work toward a promotion at my agency. Warner has taught me to live every part of my life beyond belief, and I plan to do that with everything I pursue.