Student Health Insurance

 In this ever-changing world, access to quality affordable health care is more important now than ever.

Warner University believes that access to health care is a human right. We are committed to removing any barriers or obstacles that may prevent students from seeking quality medical treatment.

The University has partnered with FirstStudent to provide accessible and affordable health insurance for all traditional students through UnitedHealthcare.

All students will be automatically enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare plan unless they choose to opt out (see below). The plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is considered a ‘Gold Plan’ in the marketplace.  It offers a low annual deductible, reasonable office visit co-pays and co-pays for prescriptions. For a cost of only $954 per semester, students receive quality affordable medical insurance to help pay for any unexpected illness, medical problem, or accident.

Already enrolled in a good health insurance plan?

No worries.  Students may opt-out of the UnitedHealthcare plan by uploading proof of comparable coverage to the portal.

Opt Out Here

Examples of comparable coverage include:

– Any PPO plan with primary health coverage availability in Florida with an individual deductible less than $5k.

– HMO plans that have primary health care coverage available in Florida

– Florida based Medicaid or TriCare.

Examples of coverage that would not be sufficient for a waiver include:

– Any PPO plan with an individual deductible of more than $5k OR that does not provide primary health coverage in Florida.

– Any HMO plan that does not offer primary health care coverage in Florida.

– Non Florida based Medicaid plans.

– Any medical cost sharing plan that is not considered ACA compliant health insurance

Students will need to upload proof of comparable coverage at the start of each semester in order to apply for an opt-out waiver.  Students unable to provide proof of comparable coverage in a given semester will automatically be enrolled and billed for the UnitedHealthcare plan.

Questions about Student Health Insurance please contact Teresa Bass at teresa.bass@warner.edu or 863-638-7240.