Partnership Program

Warner University is proud of our partnership program with churches and organizations for the purpose of furthering the kingdom of God through higher education.


Through the program, your organization will receive…

  1. 10% tuition discount for partner pastoral / organizational staff in online programs.
  2. Automatic traditional undergraduate award of $7500 for partner staff and verified members of partner churches.
  3. Pastoral Scholarship Award for traditional undergraduate students of up to $1000. Must be an attendee of a partner church / student of a connected household. This award is endowed in addition to the $7500 automatic traditional undergraduate award. Pastor of partner church determines awardee(s). 
 Pastoral/Board member Referral Form
  4. Banners, advertisements, and social media promotions offered to partner churches / organizations for a fee. 

  5. Event features for church / organizational groups such as half-time features of pastoral staff or youth group, organization booth set-up during Warner events, etc. 

  6. Seminar and Guest Speaking Opportunities from Warner Administration/Faculty/Staff as available.
  7. Host Internship Opportunities for Partner Churches/Organizations as available.

In Return

For these benefits, your organization will provide…

  1. Banners, advertisements, and announcement features promoting Warner University. 

  2. Church / Organizational event features via service announcements and in-person promotions from Warner Admissions Staff.
  3. Internship opportunities with partner churches / organizations for Warner students.