I-20 for International Students

The following is the process required to obtain an I-20 for international students.

Step I: Notification of Admission 

  • Meet all admissions requirements and deadlines. The Warner University deadline for international student applicants is July first for Fall semester admission and October first for Spring semester admission; however, DHS recommends the visa request be made 120 days before the I-20 start date.
    • Applicants must demonstrate skill in the English language. Provide an adequate score report for ACT, SAT, or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
    • Provide all official secondary (high school) and post-secondary (university) transcripts, evaluated by an approved foreign credit evaluation service. Evaluations must be “Course-by-Course.” Contact the Office of Admissions for instructions.


Step 2: Request I-20

  • Provide a Photocopy of Passport for yourself and any dependents (spouse and/or children) needing an I-20.
  • Provide Current Address, International Address and Expected Address in the United States
  • Complete a Certification of Finances Form signed by your financial sponsor, showing ability to support the costs of living and studying in the U.S. for every year of your program of study (estimate 4-5 years for a Bachelor degree and 2-3 years for a Master degree). US law requires that we be absolutely sure, to the best of our ability, that you will have enough financial support to cover the full costs of your stay in the US.  If you will be bringing your spouse and/or dependent children, additional funding will be required. Do not expect that you will be able to work in the US to help meet your annual costs. On-campus employment is limited and competitive; off-campus employment is strictly controlled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 
  • Make Payment Contact Student Accounts Office at 1-(863) 638-7216 for instructions. Pay the I-20 processing fee in the amount of $50 and 1/2 cost of first-term tuition.  Payment must be received before the I-20 is issued. The remainder of tuition should be paid upon arrival to campus. 
  • SEVIS I-20 Transfer Form If you are transferring from a school within the United States, then you will also need the SEVIS I-20 Transfer Form. Complete the top portion of the form, then take it to the Designated School Official (DSO) at the school you are transferring from. The form should be returned to your admissions counselor at Warner University.

Step 3: Next Steps

  • Receive I-20 usually sent via FedEx.
  • Be sure to read carefully the Department of Homeland Security website, “Study in the States” at https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/start-here
    • Start Here/I’ve Been Accepted
    • Paying Your I-901 SEVIS Fee
    • Applying for a VISA to Enter the United States
    • Getting to the United States
    • Transferring (if applicable)


Step 4: Arrival and Maintaining Status

  • F1 visa holders may enter the US no earlier than 30 days before the program start date on the I-20 form.
  • F1 visa holder should report immediately to the Registrar and DHS upon arrival. I-20 record needs to be changed from “initial” to “active” before applying for a driver’s license.
  • Changes of address must be reported to Warner University within 10 days (& other changes such as new dependents, change of major, etc).
  • Students must maintain full-time status every fall and spring terms (excluding summer). Only one course of the full-time load can be online in format (excluding summer). 
  • Withdrawing from classes may have serious impact on I-20 status.