You must be a non-traditional student. A non-traditional student is generally 23 years of age and older with significant work history or qualifying life experiences. Criteria such as age, marital, family, and/or employment status are all potentially defining factors. You should have 2–3 years of significant work experience or other qualifying life experiences that show evidence of personal discipline and maturity. If you’re not 23 years old, you’ll need to submit a resume showing post-high school work experience, on-the-job training, and other prior learning activities.

If you’re ready to move ahead, Warner’s ready to help. We’ll walk you through the steps to get going.


Steps for Adult Admission

  1. Complete an Adult Admissions Application and pay the appropriate application fee. 
  2. Request and submit official transcripts from each college/university you’ve attended. You’ll need to supply a high school or GED transcript if there are no transferable credits.
  3. Submit two Recommendation Forms.
  4. Submit a narrative statement (one page in length) describing your educational goals and why you are seeking to become a Warner student.

Let’s get started.

 Online Application

Application Fee

Recommendation Form (PDF) (you’ll need one academic and one work-related)