Social Work

Majoring in Social Work at Warner University amounts to more than earning a degree. A student graduating from this major is equipped with the professional foundation of knowledge, skills, values, and ethics to enhance human well-being and meet the needs of vulnerable, oppressed, and impoverished populations. If you desire a career with meaning, action, diversity, and a variety of options, consider this.

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Program Highlights

Full-time internships and hands-on learning

Close connections with expert faculty and professionals

Diverse academic environment and course offerings

Majors must complete a Field Practicum, which covers course requirement SWK 4085 and 10 credit hours.

Students who graduate as a Social Work major are eligible for advanced standing when applying to a Master’s in the field.

Career Options

Intake / Assessment Coordinator

Prevention Specialist

Social Worker / Case Manager in a variety of settings

Featured Courses

Social Worker I & II

Social Welfare Policy

Case Management & Social Networking

Child Welfare

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