A major in Biology provides students with a background in the chemical, mathematical, and physical sciences. Biology majors will be prepared to take graduate level biological science courses for careers inside and outside traditional biology. The major in Biology consists of 46 credit hours of core courses and 22 credit hours in elective courses.

Major Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the Biology major is to graduate individuals who exemplify academic excellence in biological science and who are prepared to lead and committed to serve.

Students majoring in Biology will meet the following four outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence and a Christian learning environment.

  1. Compare favorably in their knowledge of biology to those students completing a similar program nationally.
  2. Develop a depth of understanding of opportunities in their major field and be afforded guidance in preparation for a career or advanced study.
  3. Investigate the relationship of a Christian Worldview to scientific thought and begin developing a rationale for their faith.
  4. Be prepared for graduate programs or entry level positions within the field of Biology.

The required Biological/Physical Sciences & Mathematics courses are:

BSC 1019Biology I4
BSC 1020Biology II4
BSC 4013Genetics3
BSC 4095Science Seminar4
SCI/TST 3050The Practice of Science and Theological Thought3
BSC 3110Anatomy and Physiology I4
MAT 2024Precalculus with Trigonometry4
MAT 2130Calculus I4
SCI 1120Chemistry I4
SCI 1220Chemistry II4
SCI 3120Organic Chemistry I4
SCI 3130Physics I4


The options for electives/upper division courses are:

BSC 2005Introduction to Marine Science3
BSC 2020Zoology4
BSC 2030Botany4
BSC 3020Ecology4
BSC 3033Microbiology5
SCI 3230Physics II4
SCI 3220Organic Chemistry II4
BSC 3210Anatomy & Physiology II4
BSC 4014Biochemistry3
BSC 4020Advanced Research Methods & Stats3
BSC 4045Special Topics4
BSC 4080Directed Research In Biology3
BSC 2043Medical Terminology3

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