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We all have stories and experiences we want to share and the Communication Arts department is here to help you do just that!

Whether it be through a camera lens, the written word, or a podcast, this department will prepare you for the world of media creation in the twenty-first century.

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Learn both the knowledge and craft of digital media and communication.


Filmmaking / Journalism / Broadcasting Public Relations / Internet Media

Dive into literature, and advance your writing and analytical skills.


Journalism / Advertising / Social Media

Learn both sport management and communication skills.


Sports Info Director / Sports Journalist / Sports Media

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Our Faculty

Dr. Tim Craig

Dr. Tim Craig

Professor of Communication

Dr. Craig received his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Regent University in 2013 with a research interest in popular culture and media. He has a journalism background — he has covered everything from NBA to NASCAR to local crime and courts — and continues to freelance write and design in his spare time. His favorite verse to ponder is Proverbs 16:9.

Kyle Hammersmith

Kyle Hammersmith

Assistant Professor of English

Professor Hammersmith earned his Master of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema at National University and his Master of English Education from The Ohio State University.

An author and filmmaker, he enjoys being outdoors, and doing home-improvement projects.  Interests include baseball, movies, theater, American history, and traveling with his family.

Nathan Hartman

Nathan Hartman

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts

Prof. Hartman comes to Warner with a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting and teaches WU’s film related courses.

He is a multi-award winning screenwriter and producer, with a short documentary featured by The New Yorker. He also enjoys reading, board games, podcasts and has a passion for theme park culture and history.

Dr. Carlene Harwood

Dr. Carlene Harwood

Instructor of English

Dr. Harwood earned her Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University. She teaches all levels of Composition, as well as American and World Literature courses.

She is known for her baking, her love of cats, and her enormous collection of shoes.

Dr. Christopher Maslanka

Dr. Christopher Maslanka

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Maslanka has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin. His focus is on medieval narratives of knights and saints and on social and religious perspectives on medieval identities.

When not teaching, he enjoys comic books, puppetry, surfing, and boardgames.