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Roll up your sleeves and learn how to tackle the complex world of business administration.

With the help of the department, you will have the tools necessary to create a professional career in many fields, including management, accounting, finance, human resources, marketing and hospitality.

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Students will be prepared to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and pursue a career in accounting.


CPA, Accounting Director, Bank Loan Officer, & Forensic Accountant

A concentration in finance provides a background in corporate finances, investments, and financial institutions.


Commercial Bank Manager, Finance Manager, Financial Planner, & Investment Bank Manager

Prepares students to develop effective human resource management processes and systems. This is an online program only.


HR Manager, Training & Development Manager, Benefits Manager, & Recruiter

Prepares students for global business challenges and opportunities.


International Sales Representative, International Manager, Cultural Advisor, & International Marketing Manager

Prepare students to model competence and Christian character in areas such as business, church administration, education, government, industry, and non-profits.


Manager, Entrepreneur, Small Business Management, & Supervisor

Learn critical-thinking skills, including analytical and problem-solving to create marketing campaigns.


Market Research Analyst, Production Manager, Advertising Manager, & Copywriter

The program is designed for students seeking a management position in hotels, event planning, theme parks, sports teams, and cruise lines.


Accommodation Manager, Catering Manager, Conference Center Manager, & Event Manager

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Our Faculty

Dr. Lawrence Clark

Dr. Lawrence Clark

Professor of Economics & Finance

Dr. Clark teaches economics and statistics to undergraduate and graduate students. He is a court certified economic expert and has authored over 100 articles and reports.

He holds a doctorate from Kansas State University and did his post-doctoral research at the Northwest College and University Association for Science.

Dr. Verna Omanwa

Dr. Verna Omanwa

Chair, Associate Professor of Business & Finance

Originally from Kenya, Dr. Omanwa earned her Doctor of Business Administration from Argosy University. Dr. Omanwa is a published author in various cross-cultural journals.

Her hobbies include anything outdoors and traveling. Her favorite scripture is from Proverbs 3:5.

Dr. Marietta Poshi

Dr. Marietta Poshi

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Marketing

Dr. Poshi has received a Doctorate in Business Administration & Marketing from Northcentral University, a Masters in Accountancy from Keiser University, and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Business and Marketing.

She is also a researcher, best selling author, and book reviewer. Her hobbies include travelling, cooking, painting and photography, but what she loves most is her family.

Prof. Ken Hensley

Prof. Ken Hensley

Assistant Professor Of Management

Professor Hensley comes to Warner with over 30 years of vocational ministry experience as a Senior Pastor and church planter. He has two masters degrees from Western Governors University, most recently earning his MBA in 2021.

In addition to local church work, he was part of the early launch team at Christianity.com and later led the ecommerce efforts for a $450 million swimming pool construction company. He loves black coffee and baseball.


Prof. Jeannie Britzmann

Prof. Jeannie Britzmann

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Over the last 25+ years, Prof. Britzmann has taught students from all stages of life: from the graduate level, at the University of Washington Masters of Science in Taxation, to high school level Mathematics.
In her spare time, she enjoys almost any outside sporting activity. Her favorite indoor activity is basketball.