Business Administration with Concentration

A major in Business Administration provides students with a general understanding of business and economics, and a detailed understanding of a particular concentration within the business world. Graduates with a Business Administration major will be prepared for a career in business or ready to continue further studies. More than that, Business Administration students will be ready to fulfill their Christian ministry through responsible leadership and service as a manager or professional in such areas as business, church administration, education, government, industry, and non-profits.

Major Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the Business Administration Department is to provide students with a business education that will prepare them to model competence and Christian character in the workplace.

Students majoring in Business Administration will meet the following six outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence in a Christian learning environment.

  1. Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking, including applying analytical and problem solving skills.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate a general knowledge of business.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate academic competence in at least one functional area.
  4. Graduates will evaluate all decisions from a Christian perspective.
  5. Graduates will model Christian service.
  6. Prepare students and graduates of the department to compete favorably with peers for employment and education.

The major in Business Administration consists of 39 credit hours of required core courses and 18-24 credit hours in one of the six concentrations listed below.

Business Administration Core
The required Business courses are:

ACC 2051Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACC 2052Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BUS 2000Introduction to Business3
BUS 3006Principles of Management3
BUS 3010Marketing3
BUS 3025Managerial Communication3
BUS 3061Business Law I3
BUS 3090Business Statistics3
BUS 3160Managerial Finance I3
BUS 4095Seminar in Organizational Strategy and Policy3
BUS 4450Leadership in Business3
ECO 2001Principles of Economics: Macro3
ECO 2002Principles of Economics: Micro3



A concentration in Accounting consists of 24 credit hours, including tax, auditing, and cost accounting courses. When finished, students will be prepared to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and pursue a career in accounting.

Career Opportunities in Accounting:

  • CPA
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Bank Loan Officer
  • Accounting Director: Not-For-Profit Organization
Concentration in Accounting

The concentration in Accounting consists of 24 credit hours:

ACC 3000Accounting Information Systems3
ACC 3073Individual Income Tax3
ACC 3074Corporate Income Tax3
ACC 3083Modern Cost Accounting3
ACC 3150Intermediate Accounting I3
ACC 3250Intermediate Accounting II3
ACC 4022Auditing3
BUS 3062Business Law II3
A concentration in Finance provides a background in corporate finances, investments, and financial institutions. With this concentration, students will be ready for employment in a variety of industries and for graduate study in business, finance, or law.

Career Opportunities in Finance:

  • Commercial Bank Manager
  • Investment Bank Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Finance Manager
Concentration in Finance

The concentration in Finance consists of 21 credit hours:

BUS 3015Personal Finance3
BUS 3150Management Science3
BUS 3260Managerial Finance II3
BUS 4160Multinational Finance3
BUS 4260Money and Capital Markets3
BUS 4460Investments3
BUS 4760Policy/Seminar in Finance3

Human Resource Management
A concentration in Human Resource Management prepares students for understanding and developing effective human resource management processes and systems. Courses focus on the importance of linking recruitment, selection, development, and retention of human resources to the overall business strategy of an organization. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue the Human Resource Professional Certificate from the Society for Human Resource Management, a widely recognized international association.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Benefits Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Recruiter
Concentration in Human Resource Management

The concentration in Human Resource Management consists of 18 credit hours:

BUS 3340Staffing Organizations3
BUS 4030Human Resource Management3
BUS 4031Strategic Human Resources Management3
BUS 4510Employment Law and Human Resource Policies3
BUS 4520Training and Development for Business3
BUS 4530Compensation and Benefits Administration3
International Business

A concentration in International Business prepares students for global business challenges and opportunities. The courses offered focus on the principles and practices of businesses that operate in the global business environment. The global marketplace provides an array of career advancement possibilities and increasingly, multinational companies are seeking business professionals knowledgeable in global trends. Through short-term travel if desired, and knowledge from various International Business courses, students will gain essential skills to conduct business across the globe.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management:

  • International/Multinational Manager
  • International Trade and Customs Manager
  • International Sales Representative
  • International Financial Analyst
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Cultural Advisor
Concentration in International Business

The concentration in International Business consists of 18 credit hours:

BUS 3001Managing in a Global Environment3
BUS 3002International Business3
BUS 4160Multinational Finance3
BUS 4161International Competitive Strategies3
BUS 4380Global Marketing3
BUS 4381International Business Project/Travel3


A concentration in Management integrates coursework in operations, human resources, strategy, and leadership with an understanding of the types of day-to-day issues of power and conflict that managers face. Students will be given the skills necessary for managing an organization.

Career Opportunities in Management:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Management
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
Concentration in Management

The concentration in Management consists of 18 credit hours:

BUS 3001Managing in a Global Environment3
BUS 3020Operations Management3
BUS 3070Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management3
BUS 3150Management Science3
BUS 4030Human Resources Management3
BUS 4310Alternative Dispute Resolution3
Concentration in Marketing

The concentration in Marketing consists of 18 credit hours:

BUS 3050Promotion Strategy3
BUS 3080Topics in Marketing3
BUS 3240Marketing in a Virtual Environment3
BUS 3410Professional Selling3
BUS 4350Marketing Research3
BUS 4380Global Marketing3
BUS 4550Consumer Behavior3

Hospitality & Event Management

The bachelor of science in Hospitality and Event Management will prepare students to become employees in some of the region’s largest industries. The program is designed for students seeking a management position in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry encompasses restaurants, hotels, event planning, theme parks, resorts, sports teams, and even cruise lines.

Major Mission and Outcomes

Undergraduate students in the Hospitality & Event Management program should be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Digest and find applicable situations where content theory can be utilized in the practical contexts.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply ethical principles to hospitality and event management issues, policies, and practices and evaluate their implications.
  • Understand and communicate the hospitality and event management process and evaluate best practices.
  • Evaluate the historical, political, and social contexts and empirical support for the hospitality and event management industries.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the research process by conducting original research and by analyzing existing data.

Major Courses

The Hospitality & Event Managment major includes such classes as Tourism, Introduction to Food & Service Managment, Hotel Managment, Customer Service, and many more.