Throughout the Spring 2019 semester, Warner hosted plenty of events on campus for students to enjoy. Student Life carefully planned and executed events for students to help them grow and bring the campus together as a community. Here are just a few of the exciting events Warner hosted.


SURGE, sponsored by Warner Student Life, is an educational initiative aimed at equipping students with everyday life skills and knowledge. The program features several focused sessions throughout the semester on topics such as financial literacy, human trafficking, mental health, racial reconciliation, and diversity.



This past year, we began an event series for all female Warner students entitled Unfiltered. We invited faculty, staff, and alumni from the Warner community to model authenticity and vulnerability by sharing their stories with us. Through their willingness and God’s faithfulness, our residents have been encouraged and challenged to step into each other’s stories and do the same.


Community Lake Day

After participating in a week of service, Warner hosted the Community Lake Day April 7th at Camp Aurora for students to celebrate all of their hard work. Students were able to put away the textbooks and sit out by the lake and relax.  They participated in volleyball and soccer, swam in the lake, and enjoyed a lunch away from campus.


“Feel Good Fridays”

Feel Good Friday, a collaborative event between Residence Life and Community Life, offers students a casual, fun-filled kick-off to the weekend. From 11-2, the courtyard is filled with
music, games, snacks/drinks, and other fun activities.