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August 1, 2017

Warner Classroom at FFA Convention

Scarlett Jackson

Director of Ag Development

Warner Classroom at FFA Convention

Florida FFA State Convention is held each June in Orlando to recognize members on the past years accomplishments while preparing them for an upcoming year in their Agriculture Education classrooms. Over 5,000 are in attendance for four days.

This year was a great year for FFA members, advisors, and sponsors. Warner University was pleased to be able to help. It was through the support of Homer and Annette Thompson that we were able to bring Florida Ag Educators the Warner Classroom.

Dr. John Crews teaching a class

Day 1: Dr. John Crews taught small ruminant parasites. The lab component allowed teachers to have some time with microscopes to do a fecal analysis. Dr. Crews focused his lecture on determining the types of parasites and detection of parasites in Ag program projects or herds.

Dr. Gina Babb teaching a class


Day 2: Dr. Gina Babb helped Ag teachers play in the dirt. These teachers learned about soil sciences and experienced a soil testing lab. They were able to see the types of kits that are available for school programs to purchase and use during Ag Education labs.

These experiences also gave the Ag teachers some time to rest and relax during the busy convention week. The Warner Classroom provided snacks and coffee for Ag teachers throughout the days of convention and gave them a recharging station in between all the other exciting sessions!

A few Warner Ag students led a workshop about Ag Careers to middle and high school students, and even made up a fun rap about different careers in the industry: “When I Grow Up”.

Warner University’s Ag Program loves the Future Farmers of America and looks forward to working closely with them every year.


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  1. Mike Darby

    Looks like a great event not only for Warner but especially for those who attended. I’m so happy that Warner is able to partner with FFA and get the word out about the wonderful Ag programs available at Warner. Well done!

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