Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences


A major in biology provides you with a background in the chemical, mathematical, and physical sciences. You’ll be ready to take graduate level biological sciences for careers inside and outside traditional biology. You have the option to concentrate your studies on ecology, general biology, or pre-professional education.The major in biology consists of 51 credit hours of core courses and 13–14 credit hours in one of two concentrations. Contact your advisor for assistance in choosing the appropriate elective courses to meet your goals. Note: Additional upper-division courses must be taken outside the department to fulfill the upper-division graduation requirement.

The required Biological Science courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
BSC 1010 General Biology 3
BSC 1020 Advanced Biology 4
BSC 2020 Zoology: The Animal Kingdom 4
BSC 2030 Botany: The Plant Kingdom 4
BSC 4013 Genetics 3
BSC 4090 Biological Research 3
SCI/TST 3050 The Practice of Science and Theological Thought 3
BSC 3110 Anatomy and Physiology I 4

The required Physical Science and Mathematics courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
MAT 2024 Trigonometry with Precalculus (General Biology Concentration) or 4
MAT 2130 Calculus I (Pre-Professional Science Concentration) 4
SCI 1120 Chemistry I 4
SCI 1220 Chemistry II 4
SCI 2120 Organic Chemistry I 4
SCI 2130 Physics I 4
SCI 3095 Scientific Research Seminar 3

General Biology

The concentration in General Biology consists of 13 credit hours:

Prefix Course Hrs.
BSC 3020 Ecology 4
BSC 3033 Microbiology 5

* Plus 4 credit hours in upper-division Natural Science or Mathematics 4

Pre-Professional Science

The concentration in Pre-Professional Science consists of 14 credit hours:

Prefix Course Hrs.
BSC 4014 Biochemistry 3
SCI 2220 Organic Chemistry II 4
SCI 2230 Physics II 4

* Plus 3 credit hours in upper-division Natural Science or Mathematics 3

Honor Societies

Alpha Chi: Graduates with 3.5 GPA or higher, in the upper 10% of their class, who have been at Warner University for more than a year (Medallion with Blue & Green). Alpha Lambda Delta: Students inducted into this freshman honor society earned a 3.5 GPA and have maintained it to wear cords at graduation (Red & White cords).