Marine Technology

Marine Technology

New Program Offering!

In our Marine Technology program, the student will get hands-on experience in current technology and equipment as they train for a career as an entry-level marine technician. Industry acknowledged curriculum will emphasize the real-world skills needed by marine dealerships. Through a combination of classroom instruction, demonstrations and hands-on work in the lab, the student will learn to diagnose, service and repair marine mechanical systems.

The goals of this program are to prepare students for employment in the marine industry.

Students in this program will be able to:

  1. Diagnose marine engine problems and safely perform corrective maintenance.
  2. Describe the theory behind the mechanical systems of marine engine.
  3. Develop a plan of preventive maintenance that addresses various functional areas of marine technology.

Currently, Warner University has submitted this new program for review to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for approval. Once granted approval, students interested in this program can apply to Warner University.

Program Options:

  • Certificate in Marine Technology
  • Associate of Applied Arts in Marine Technology

Marine Technology Courses:

Prefix Course Hrs.
MRT 1001 Introduction to Marine Technology 3
MRT 1002 Watercraft Electricity 3
MRT 1003 Diesel Engines 3
MRT 1004 Watercraft Auxiliary Equipment 3
MRT 1005 Fuel and Lubrication 3
MRT 1006 Mechanical Systems 3
MRT 1007 Service Operations 3
MRT 1008 Basic Welding 3
MRT 1009 Watercraft Electronics 3
MRT 1010 Inboard/Outboard Sail Drive & Transmission 3
MRT 1011 Gasoline Engines: Diagnostic/Repairs 3
MRT 1012 Watercraft Corrosion Prevention 3
MRT 1013 Marine Technology Internship 6