Student Activities

Student Activities

The Warner Student Activities department is sort of like a hub for a pick-your-own-adventure. Just better. Start here to find where you can jump into cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs. You’ll grow through unique learning experiences, committee involvement, and volunteer opportunities.

Below is a list of activities you can attend during the school year. Look for announcements around campus when you get here.

Fall/Spring Activities

Nerd Night
Beans & Brushes
Midevening Madness
Barn Party
Bowling and Burritos
Outdoor Open Mic Night
CAB Camping Trip
Dodgeball Tournament
Silent Night!
Christmas Party
Game Night
Open Mic Night
Homecoming Picnic
Outdoor Movie
Symphony Under the Stars
Day at the Beach (on campus)
St. Patty’s Party
Comedy Night at Saks Comedy Club (Orlando)
Magic Game
Laser Tag in the Library
Cereal Killers
Mr. Warner

Spiritual Life Activities

Fear Fest
Worship Nights
Prayer Room
iHeart Week