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May 9, 2017

Josh Ellis Wins SHAPE Award

Leigh Ann Wynn

Asst Vice President for Advancement

Josh Ellis Wins SHAPE Award

Joshua Ellis, a senior majoring in Physical Education K-12 at Warner University, was selected by the SHAPE Florida Honor Awards Committee to receive the 2017 Katherine W. Montgomery Scholarship.  This honor will be bestowed upon him during SHAPE Florida’s convention Friday, October 20 in Kissimmee.

Joshua Ellis

Josh Ellis went to Mount Dora Bible in Orlando before coming to Warner, where he has played basketball as #14 under Coach Sean Hanrahan.

Ellis, on the left

The Katherine W. Montgomery Scholarship was created by Dr. Billie Jones, a former FAHPERD (now SHAPE Florida) leader and professor at Florida State University.  The scholarship is named for Katherine W. Montgomery, President of FAHPERD in 1926 and professor at Florida State College for Women, now known as Florida State University.

This $1,000.00 monetary scholarship was established to recognize students who demonstrate leadership and dedication to their studies in the areas of physical education and/or health education.

From Dr. Maureen Davin, Associate Professor of Exercise Science & Physical Education at Warner University


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