Student Support Program

Student Support Program

The Reason

The Student Support Program has been designed to provide Warner University faculty and staff members the opportunity to alert the Student Support Team of a student need. This provides the opportunity for effective intervention in a timely manner. The Student Support Team should be notified about any student who is experiencing academic, social, emotional, spiritual, or behavioral problems.

Criteria for Referral

  1. Low grades
  2. Excessive absences
  3. Repeated tardiness
  4. Behavioral problems
  5. Failure to attend chapel
  6. Death or loss of family member or friend
  7. Trauma to the student or to someone close to the student
  8. Emotional Issues
  9. Family Crisis
  10. Spiritual concerns

How It Works

  1. Faculty or staff who have a concern about a student who is exhibiting any of the above criteria should complete and submit a brief online form located on the Warner University website. The Student Support Team monitors this reporting process exclusively. Once the form is completed and submitted, the person submitting the report is encouraged to contact the student and let him/her know about the concern and the referral. The person submitting the report will also receive an automatic email notification that the submitted report has been received.
  2. The Student Support team will review the referral and determine what resources are available to help the student and what intervention strategies are appropriate. The team will then identify an individual (Contact Person) who will oversee the follow-up process with that student.
  3. The Contact Person will discuss the recommendations with the student and will encourage the student to take advantage of those services. The Contact Person will continue to communicate with the Student Support team regarding the progress of the student.